Food safety

Our food has to meet the increasingly high standards of the government and consumers. This results in greater awareness regarding the products people eat and drink and a critical attitude towards production methods and their environmental impact.

 Who are the responsible parties?

It is the responsibility of businesses to meet the requirements. This goes for both the government-imposed legal standards and the specific demands made by consumers. When it comes to food, we cannot violate our consumers’ trust.

Royal Coffee & Tea and quality

With the help of its proprietary quality-management systems, Royal Coffee & Tea demonstrates its full compliance with the government's standards and consumers’ wishes.

At Royal Coffee & Tea, quality begins at the source and is carefully maintained throughout the entire process: from raw materials and production process to end products and our attitude towards our natural environment. Lastly, quality is a core tenet of Royal Coffee & Tea's organisation and an important concern for all members of our staff.


Royal Coffee & Tea Innovations B.V has qualified for the latest iteration of the IFS, version 6.1.


Information about the IFS certification

The affiliated members of the German retail federation - Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels (HDE) - and its French counterpart - Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD) - have drawn up a standard for the food safety and quality of private-label products. This standard is known as the International Food Standard (IFS) and it is designed to facilitate the assessment of food-safety and quality-management systems in a uniform manner. The standard applies to all processing phases of a food-production process.

The standard is largely equal to the BRC standard. The IFS standard goes beyond the BRC standard in several areas. The structure of the IFS system is as follows: quality-management system, management responsibility, management of assets, realisation of the product and measurement, analysis & improvement.

The basic objectives of the IFS standard are:

- develop a general quality standard with a uniform assessment system;
- collaborate with accredited certification organisations and qualified auditors;
- provide comparability and transparency throughout the entire chain;
-   save costs and time for both suppliers and retailers. 

Information about the Sedex certification.

Sedex is an international organisation that collects data on the performances of its members with regard to sustainability. Sedex focuses on labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

If you wish to join and are a member of the Sedex SAQ, you can submit your request to info@rtci.nl.

Royal Coffee & Tea Innovations has been a member of Sedex since 2013. We have therefore also filled out Sedex's SAQ or Self-Assessment Questionnaire. We are now also listed on this website (http://www.sedexglobal.com/). Royal Coffee & Tea Innovations has been certified for the CSR performance ladder level 4.



On the road towards 100% UTZ-certified tea

With Royal T-Sticks, we have made great progress towards our goal of purchasing all our tea in a UTZ- and/or Rainforest Alliance-certified manner.

By purchasing tea in a UTZ- and/or Rainforest Alliance-certified manner as Royal T-Stick, we ensure that due care is taken to protect people and the environment throughout the production process.

This means that sustainable farming techniques are used and active care is taken to protect the ecosystem and preserve the natural environment.