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Here at Royal Tea Stick we spend our days figuring out the complexities of teas, of making the perfect brew. We have a mission to make loose leaf tea simple convenient and delicious.

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Discover Royal T-Stick tea. Hand-picked on Indian tea plantations.

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Our teas are grown by UTZ and/or Rainforest certified farmers.

The best thing about memories is creating them.

The best time to drink tea is now!

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Teatime is we time. Tea gives us health benefits, freedom from stress, magical solitude, and a perfect reason to create perfect moments.

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Cocktail infusion Stirrers

Colour Your Cocktail


Personalize your own vibrant Gin Tonic Cocktail. The stirrers contain a unique mix of fruit granules and natural colourants and are released via the specially made micro perforations in the stirrer.

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Our popular fruit teas include real Forest Fruits, Strawberry, Peach, Lemon and Orange. Our fruit teas are made from combinations of Back Tea and real fruit pieces.

Enjoy it Hot or Cold. Stir and enjoy!

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ON THE ROAD TOWARDS 100 % UTZ-and/or Rainforest Alliance CERTIFIED TEA.
With Royal T-Sticks, we have made great progress towards our goal of purchasing all our tea in a UTZ- and/or Rainforest Alliance manner.

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At Royal Tea Stick we are concerned about the use of plastic and are taking actions to improve sustainability of our products and reduce their impact on the environment. Our foil wrap is made from plant-based and biodegradable materials.