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Black Tea


    Black tea 

    Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis tea plant. The quality of the tea depends on many factors: the climate, the soil in the country or region of origin, the altitude of the plantation and also the method of picking (mechanical or manual), processing and packaging. But the season in which the tea is picked also causes many differences in quality and character. 

    The tea plantations are widely spread across tropical and subtropical areas. Black tea, like all other tea varieties, contains no calories if no sugar, milk or other additives are added. In addition, it contributes to the daily fluid intake. Black tea therefore fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. 

    India, Assam 

    The best Assam tea grows in the northeast of India, in the province of Assam, along the Brahmaputra River. The heavy rainfall and warm, humid daytime temperatures in this area create the perfect climate.Assam tea is known for its unique, characteristic malty taste. Assam tea is also one of the types of tea that is used in an English blend. In itself, this tea is powerful with a wonderfully spicy aftertaste. Our Assam tea comes from the Rainforest Alliance tea plantations. It is a beautiful classic, pure Assam tea.