About us

Royal Coffee & Tea Stick was established in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, in 2008.

It is our mission to bring a high-grade tea on the market that has a minimal impact on the environment and will make messy tea bags a thing of the past.

Our first flavour was High Tea, which we packaged in an innovative recyclable material.

This innovative material contains a carefully perfected perforation pattern designed to optimise the distribution of the tea and produce an excellent aroma. The design of the Royal T-Stick ensures the tannins stay inside the Royal T-Stick to prevent the tea from becoming bitter.

The unique perforated holes in the Royal T-Stick ensure any excess water is absorbed. That means no more dripping and messy spills!


Following the successful launch of the High Tea blend, we quickly added more blends to our product range. All flavours and blends are carefully designed and made using only natural ingredients.

With Royal T-Stick, we have also made great progress towards our goal of purchasing all our tea in a UTZ- and/or Rainforest Alliance-certified manner.

This ensures that due care is taken to protect people and the environment during the production process.

The Royal Tea Stick has evolved into a complete concept (glasses, handmade tea boxes, displays, etcetera) for the national and international hospitality sector.

 Royal Coffee & Tea Stick has recently expanded its product range with Coffee Sticks and a number of Chai Tea Latte Mix variants, all of which meet our high standards for product quality and usability.