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T-Stick offers a beautiful and surprising concept that the hospitality sector cannot ignore

For use in restaurants and hotels all over the world, we offer a complete tea concept that is available in boxes of 30 and 125 T-Sticks, as well as double-walled tea glasses, presentation displays for use on tables and bars, table cards and hand-made tea boxes in light and dark oak and in white and black, each containing 60 T-Sticks.

  • The use of the Royal T-Stick offers myriad benefits:
  • Hygienic and can be used anywhere;
  • Royal T-Stick is on its way to 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea. By purchasing in this way, Royal T-Stick ensures that the necessary care is taken to protect people and the environment throughout the entire production process.
  • Royal T-Sticks are produced from recycled discarded aluminium. The use of recycled aluminium saves about 95 % of the energy used for the production of primary aluminium.
  • All Royal T-Sticks are packed in compostable packaging from October 2021.
  • No more messing around with a tea bag on the edge of a saucer;
  • No teaspoon needed, so highly innovative;
  • Hip and trendy to use;
  • The fruit tea variants contain real pieces of fruit;
  • 13 different flavours available now in large and small packagings;
  • Eye-catching presentation in a bespoke box;
  • Beautiful perspex presentation display for use on bars or restaurant tables;
  • Two T-sticks in a deluxe packaging for convenient use in hotel rooms;
  • Each stick contains 1.9 grams of tea. The tea we use is carefully selected and comes from plantations in the finest tea regions of India and South Africa.