Be Green

Aluminium recycling

Natural resources can be preserved through the use of aluminium. At the end of its useful life, recycled aluminum retains its properties, which guarantees that it is possible to create value by recycling it into new products.Using recycled aluminium saves approximately 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production* and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions compared with primary production. Today, T-Sticks are produced from about 80% recycled or scrapped aluminium, thus minimizing the use of primary aluminium and consequent energy demand. (*source: EAA (European Aluminium Association)


Limit water wastage

The packaging isn’t just good for you and your business, it’s good for the planet too! By using our recyclable aluminium foil T-Sticks without tea spoons, you’re helping us save millions of gallons of water with less washing.


100% UTZ-certified tea

With Royal T-Sticks, we have made great progress towards our goal of purchasing all our tea in a Rainforest Alliance-certified manner.

By purchasing tea in a Rainforest Alliance-certified manner as Royal T-Stick, we ensure that due care is taken to protect people and the environment throughout the production process.

This means that sustainable farming techniques are used and active care is taken to protect the ecosystem and preserve the natural environment.