Groene thee

Green Tea


    Young tea leaves Green tea leaves are not fermented. This preserves the original light, green color of the leaf.

    And that is why the tea is also light green/yellowish in color after steeping in hot water. Green tea contains almost no theine and no calories. These tea leaves are picked when they are still young. After picking they are immediately steamed and dried. Do you let the tea leaves ferment? Then you have black tea. 

    Mild refined taste 

    Because green tea is carefully dried, it retains a mild taste. Due to the fresh character of the natural green tea, this tea is also very tasty when you are thirsty. A cup of green tea without sugar and milk also contains no calories and is therefore a responsible choice. 

    How do you make green tea? How do you brew green tea properly?

    Does this work the same way as with black tea? Making green tea is a little different!Allowing green tea to steep at too high a temperature causes a bitter taste. The real taste is not appreciated this way. It is therefore best to prepare green tea at a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees.To reach this temperature, you can let the water cool for a few minutes before steeping the green tea in the water. You can also mix a little more than half of the boiling water with one part cold water.