Refreshing herbal tea The leaves of verveine (or lemon verbena) release their scent without having to be damaged. Even when dried, the leaves retain their powerful scent for years to come. This makes Verveine the ideal ingredient for a refreshing herbal tea. 

    South France 

    The Verveine is a herbal tea from France. The mild winters in the south of France provide the Verveine with ideal conditions for survival. Only the whole leaves are picked by hand. This makes the tea clean, clear and pure. The tea is mild, soft but also sparkling in taste with refreshing notes of citrus. 

    Good for digestion 

    Verveine tea is drunk after meals as it is said to support healthy digestion. Verveine is extremely popular in France. More and more people in the Netherlands are also drinking Verveine tea. Here this herb is often called fragrant vervain.


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