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T-Stick offers a beautiful and surprising concept that the hospitality sector cannot ignore

For use in restaurants and hotels all over the world, we offer a complete tea concept that is available in boxes of 30 and 125 T-Sticks, as well as double-walled tea glasses, presentation displays for use on tables and bars, table cards and hand-made tea boxes in light and dark oak and in white and black, each containing 60 T-Sticks.

  • The use of the Royal T-Stick offers myriad benefits:
  • Hygienic and can be used anywhere;
  • Royal T-Stick is on its way to 100% UTZ and/or Rainforest Alliance certified tea. By purchasing in this way, Royal T-Stick ensures that the necessary care is taken to protect people and the environment throughout the entire production process.
  • Royal T-Sticks are produced from recycled discarded aluminium. The use of recycled aluminium saves about 95 % of the energy used for the production of primary aluminium.
  • All Royal T-Sticks are packed in compostable packaging from October 2021.
  • No more messing around with a tea bag on the edge of a saucer;
  • No teaspoon needed, so highly innovative;
  • Hip and trendy to use;
  • The fruit tea variants contain real pieces of fruit;
  • 13 different flavours available now in large and small packagings;
  • Eye-catching presentation in a bespoke box;
  • Beautiful perspex presentation display for use on bars or restaurant tables;
  • Two T-sticks in a deluxe packaging for convenient use in hotel rooms;
  • Each stick contains 1.9 grams of tea. The tea we use is carefully selected and comes from plantations in the finest tea regions of India and South Africa.


Royal Orient Chai Tea Latte and Hot Cocoa – in very exclusive flavours.

Royal Coffee &Tea Innovations uses its knowledge and experience to now also manufacture Chai Tea Latte Mixes and Hot Cocoa Mixes in Oudkarspel.

Royal Coffee &Tea Innovations is a specialist in the melanging of different types of teas, aromas and spices, the expansion of its range with Chai Tea Latte Mix and Hot Cocoa is therefore a logical extension, in which its expertise is well used. All flavours and blends are carefully composed and consist of only natural ingredients.



Cocktail Infusion Stirrers

Did you know that aromas and spices can also be a good addition to an alcoholic beverage?

Our latest innovation is the Cocktail infusion Stirrer. This Cocktail Infusion Stirrer gives a natural aroma and color to your cocktail. The stirrers infusion will be available from August 2021.



Private Label

Branded Coffee and Tea sticks: quality with a familiar look

Royal Coffee & Tea Innovations (RCTI) Netherlands not only produces and supplies coffee and tea sticks; it also explicitly seeks to collaborate with businesses.

With our branded concepts, we offer our partners tailor-made solutions to help them conquer the market. In addition to the guaranteed supply of a tasteful all-natural product, we also provide advice and support in a rapidly changing market.

For short- and long-term success, RCTI offers you your very own private label.



The building blocks of success

The building blocks of success are a continuous taste experience and a recognisable design: Although coffee aficionados are critical, their brand loyalty is high: once you have won them over, they tend to be loyal customers. As with our cooperative partnerships, it is about the long term.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to help your brand thrive.